The Black and White Pattern

I encourage clients to think of creating their stained glass art in two steps. First, decide on the motif and pattern. After looking through photo examples and pattern books, clients will begin to see that they do have preferences in design. Once these preferences are identified, the studio's artist will create a full scale pattern for the clients' approval.

The second step is to choose the glass to be used. This step should only be taken when the clients can see the full scale, black and white lead line pattern.

In Red Grapes on a Vine, the client discovered that she preferred a pattern that wound around three of the edges of the panel and that she wanted to incorporate grapes in the design to complement the setting of the mahogany bar. In addition, clear textured glass was chosen to create the illusion of rain on a window.

The worktable and some of the selected glass. Also lead is stretched here.

The full scale pattern showing the lead lines.

The first leaf and some of the black trellis are placed on the pattern.