Country Animals ©Phoenix 1992, Willow Springs, IL

There are six cabinet panels in this series; each panel measures 11 "X 8" and portrays a farm animal or farm scene. The animals are inspired by the wallpaper border by Warren Kimble as can be seen in the photo below. The cabinets are made from the pine planks of an old Wisconsin barn. The planks were planed, sanded and smoothed by Schulyer Furniture of Wisconsin and then constructed into the doors and island of the kitchen. The wood was finished by the client.

The home's owner said, "No meat is eaten in this kitchen because we are all vegetarians, so the animals depicted here are all 'safe.'" Phoenix is pleased to have created stained glass art which reflects not only the aesthetics of its client, but also the client's philosophy.

Cabinets: The Essence of the Country Kitchen

The country kitchen with farm animals

Chickens and sheep are on the right above. These cabinets are directly under the chicken and sheep images in the border wallpaper.

The bull and the bunny are in the center cabinets and also immediately under their images in the border wallpaper.

At the far left of the kitchen are the fenced pasture and the Hampshire pig.