Windows: The Colors and Light of the Prairie

Prairie Bedroom Windows ©Phoenix 2006, Downers Grove, IL

The owners of this large and remodeled home had just one problem. Their bedroom windows face their neighbor's home which stood very close to the remodeled home. The bedroom had been professionally decorated in the FLW prairie style, so the windows needed to match the decor but also provide privacy and light.

We came up with a variation in the Wright theme. We combined the opalescent colored glass that Mr. Wright used with clear but heavily textured glass. The colors remained true to the prairie motif while the clear glass admitted light but the heavy textures gave total privacy.

The installed windows show the combination of opalescent glass with textured clears which bring light and color to the room yet provide privacy.

The original house is on the left and the two story addition is to the right of the original home. The installed prairie windows are on the second floor of the addition. Note the resulting need for privacy in the second floor master bedroom.

The two center windows as shown installed to the left.