The Color and Style of Far Away Places

Spanish Origins ©Phoenix 2003, Chicago, IL

This completed commission resides in a renovated Victorian in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. The house was bought by one of Chicago's artists and was completely recreated as a home for herself and her daughter, an art studio where she could work, and a showcase for her finished paintings and sculptures. The artists at Phoenix Studio were pleased to collaborate with the owner of the home and to create the art glass for her kitchen cabinets.

The artist has strong roots in the hispanic cultures and she wanted her home to reflect this influence in her work. The kitchen is done in the bright bold colors so often found in the homes in warm climates. The Latin themes echo in design and color of the whole home and certainly in these panels of art glass.

Each glass panel is 14" X 30". The colors coordinate with the colors of the backsplash tiles and with the Spanish color of the walls. Installation into the door frames was done at the Phoenix Studio.